About Us


page1image3613008page1image3612592In 2004, Green Tropic Products (GTP) Pte Ltd acquired a locally owned liquid soap manufacturing company.  Since then, GTP has expanded into aviation, marine, F&B and other industrial chemicals products.  

Green Tropic Products (GTP) took up new residency in Tuas in 2010 and has since then occupy a much bigger factory space of more than 10,000 sq ft to cater to higher demand for its products.  In 2011, GTP obtained ISO9001:2008 and is currently ISO9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified. GTP is also bizSafe Level 3 certified.  

GTP is a manufacturing company producing cleaning chemicals, disinfectants, hand sanitisers, insect repe

llents for more than 400 local childcare centres, private and government institutions, major airlines, restaurant chains and marine and engineering industries.  

We provide soutions.  Other than its existing list of chemicals, GTP customise products for its customers to meet the rapidly changing demands of the current chemical and environmental requirement. GTP has a highly capable in-house R&D (Research & Development) team, which constantly updates with the latest chemical technology to provide top quality and service to its customers.

GTP continues to expand its business into Malaysia, Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia as a reliable supplier to hotels, hospitals, restaurants and various industries. It  endeavours to obtain further certification whilst expanding its variety of products to accommodate the increasing demand for premium products in the chemical market. GTP will continue to serve the community and neighbouring countries in the best of its abilities, doing what it will do best - provide solutions.

We are based in Singapore.   Click here for our location map.  Please feel free to contact us should you have any enquiries